The best horror writer of the 20th century you’ve probably never heard of was a British woman who looked like a benign but mildly dotty Hogwarts teacher. But do not miss the occult mischief behind those 1980s mom-glasses; in a fairly standard Angela Carter story, Harry Potter would be mauled to death by a werewolf before a pan-species initiation of Hermione’s pubescent sexual power. She made things weird like that, which is why she was great.

Hemlock Grove author Brian McGreevy delivers a tribute to feminist horror writer Angela Carter over on Vulture.

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Socialist candidate Jess Spear: “That’s not leadership”


This week, a weird thing happened over at the Stranger: There was dissent in their elections endorsement regarding the primary race for the position of Speaker of the House. While the paper formally endorsed long-time Democrat Frank Chopp, several members of the editorial board came out against him, issuing their own endorsement of socialist alternative candidate Jess Spear. 


Spear follows in the footsteps of City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who se first big race was also against Chopp, wherein she netted an impressive 29% of the vote. Sawant later went on to improbably unseat long-time City Council Chair Richard Conlin, the protypical Old White Dude who was considered a shoo-in.

Spear led Sawant’s campaign, in addition to leading the successful fight for an city-wide increase in the minimum wage as an organizer for 15 Now. 

Despite ACLU lawyer and potential future candidate Alison Holcomb’s regrettable, down-the-middle, please-everyone rhetoric regarding Sawant, the fact is that the ruthless progressiveness of socialist candidates in Washington — and Seattle specifically — is actually working. That kind of ideals-based (in the truest sense), anti-corporation, pro-people language, which has often been considered political suicide, is helping. It’s changing things. It’s not just scary-talk.

And it has the potential to go further; in 2015, some of the City Council’s most complacent, do-nothing members are up for reelection and, post-Sawant, will actually have to bring their game faces. It’s really starting to feel like politicians in the city and state are going to have to do more than appease and that is awesome. 

We at Seattlish are all about socialist alternative candidates. We’re also into young women running for office. But more than even that, we’re into young women being allowed to speak for themselves. Regarding this race, there’s been a lot of talk about Jess Spear, but, we felt, not a lot of talk with her. 

So, we asked her. And, unsurprisingly, we like her a lot. 

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